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   Tango Crash: Otra Sanata
Price: 17.95 €
Cat-Nr.: GMC013
Format: CD
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VÖ Datum: 13.06.05
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Chatter, humbuggery and the ability to improvise in every moment are the basic tools for a typical Sanatero (Crook) from Buenos Aires. Daniel Almada and Martin Iannaccone worked in a very humorous way some typical characteristics of the argentinian way of life in the concept of their second CD „Otra Sanata“ that was recorded with all the musicians that since their first CD became part of the inner circle of Tango Crash. The title song „Otra Sanata“ for example shows in an ironic way the martyred soul of the Sanatero after having failed in his latest Sanata (chatter, humbuggery) and „Evitalos“ (impede them) leads the idle talk of the argentinian politicians in a jazzy rocking context. In the same way as the Porteños, as the inhabitants of Buenos Aires are called, mind to become precise, the band is working in its creative process, as ideas are only insinuated and meant to be absorbed and completed by the other members of the band.

After touring in Europe and Argntina Tango Crash reclaimed more and more to the tradition of the tango searching for compatibilities with electronic music. Jointly responsable for this development is Gregor Hilbe from Basel who came from the electronic music and is now drummer and percussionist of the the live band. The compositions from Daniel Almada (Piano) and Martin Iannaccone (Cello) are based on a very acoustic timbre created from strings or samples from classical music tunes, that are skilfully worked into an electronic context by Daniel Almada and Gregor Hilbe.

Coming from the live formation the renowned argentinian bandoneon player Marcelo Nisinman came to the band and enforced the closeness to the tango with his virtuosity and the presence of this typical tango instrument.

„Otra Sanata“ was produced between Berlin (Martin Iannaccone), Basel (Daniel Almada) and Hamburg (Marcio Doctor). Gregor Hilbe became part of the former production trio and was jointly responsable for the electronics with Daniel Almada. For recording Rodrigo Dominguez on saxophone and capturing some jazzy moments the band travelled to Buenos Aires.

Yet in 1987 Daniel Almada and Martin Iannaccone were working on a project dealing with electronic music, that focussed on what was understood as Fusion these days. When Daniel moved to Switzerland and internet was the bridge between him and Martin, remaining still in Buenos Aires, they continued their work, but now on the basis of the Tango. Encouraged by noone else then Joe Zawinul, who listened to the first recordings in Martins house after a concert in Buenos Aires, the project took shape when Martin moved to Berlin in 2001.

The band was part of the new electronic tango movement from the very beginning offering an ambitious alternative in the Tango Nuevo. Their convincing live performances were responsable for the RUTH award as best newcomer 2005 that was linked to an invitation to the renowned worldmusic festival in Rudolstadt (Germany).

CD 1
1  Balbon  
2  Otra Sanata  
3  Ojos Negros  
4  Milonga Parque Aguirre  
5  Muneca Fallada  
6  Lightning Rod Tango  
7  Desintegrados  
8  Tension Eterna  
9  La Ultima Curva  
10  Evitalos  
11  El Balero de Daniel  
12  Milonga para Alberto (Remix)  

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